Plastic pallets can also be exported.

1. Wooden pallets The wooden pallets are the first used pallets to be exported before plastic pallets because wood is a raw material that can be easily found. The process of making pallets is not complicated, but the use of wooden pallets has limitations.

Some countries do not allow wood to enter the country because they are afraid of germs and insects that are mixed with wood. In addition, wooden pallets also restrict the fungus occurrence if it is sent by boat and causes moisture and mold.

2. Foam pallets are pallets that are lighter than plastic pallets and wooden pallets, which are suitable for export because they save on transportation costs on weight.

But the load will be less able to support weight than plastic pallets and wooden pallets and still have less strength than plastic pallets and wooden pallets and cannot be resumed as plastic pallets and escort The wooden pallets are not very popular.
3. Paper pallets are pallets that are lighter in weight and weigh more than pallets, foam and less than plastic pallets and wooden pallets.

Paper pallets are suitable for export as well. Because it has low weight and saves shipping costs, but paper pallets have a disadvantage in the side that is damaged, easy to rain and wet.

Causing it to be kept indoors without being exposed to rain, causing paper pallets to be easily wet and easily damaged from rain That rain while sending goods to the container May cause the product to be damaged while shipping

Foam pallet, wooden pallet and paper pallet can be used in transportation for export. But it is more restrictive than plastic pallets, making plastic pallets more popular for export than other types of pallets